L-intel's All-Time O level BEST Result!!! L1R5 = 7 points, excluding CCA (L-intel 의 역대 최고의 O Level 결과!! L1r5 7포인트, CCA 포인트 제외)

11 Jan 2012

Posted by Lin Guoyao
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This year, we are glad to announced that one of our diligent student has created history by achieving the best ever score in L-intel of 7 for L1R5 and 5 points including CCA bonus.

The previous top scorer was from the 2009 batch, achieving an 8 for L1R5 and 4 points after deducting 2 for CCA and 2 for Higher Chinese.

We hope that as the year goes by, L-intel could continue to work with more determined and aspiring students to achieve greater heights, up the ladder of academic endeavour. 

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Umm, can i know what is the score upon


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Hi Sooho, L1R5 is unlike PSLE, the way the score is calculated in based on the grades of every subjects.

Heres' the list used by schools

A1 = 75 marks and above
A2 = 70-75
B3 = 65-70
B4 = 60-65
C5 = 55-60
C6 = 50-55
D7 = 45-50
E8 = 40-45
F9 = 40 marks and below

(note that actual O level may not follow this list as there may be a quota system as well) 

Briefly, an O level student needs at least 6 subjects to calculate the L1R5 score.


English - A2
E. Maths - A2
A. Maths - A1
Physics - A1
Chemistry - A1
Geography - B3

In this example, the person wiill get 2 + 2 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 3 = 10 points.

Then students who did well in CCA and Community service in schools can get up to 2 bonus points.
Students who pass higher mother tongue can also get 2 bonus points.
Student's school if affiliated to a JC can get 2 bonus points if the student chooses that affiliated school in the first choice.

So for example, this student is from ACS, and he places ACJC as the first choice, and he has good CCA record, he will get 

10 points - 2 points (CCA) - 2 points (School) = 6 points.

(note that maximum allowed bonus points is 4)

So this is briefly the explanation.