2011 O level SCIENCE result! - A year of "A"s and "B"s only! (2011 O level 과학 결과 – A와 B만 있어요!)

11 Jan 2012

Posted by Lin Guoyao
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Our Students have achieved 1x A1, 4x A2, 5x B3 and 1x B4 out of the 11 Science papers attempted by our students. 11 years in a row without any "C"s or "D"s!

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Our students have achieved 1x A14x A25x B3 and 1x B4 out of the 11 Science papers (6x Pure Physics, 4x Pure Chemistry and 1x Combined Phy/Chem) attempted by our students.

This is an 11-year streak without any C5 and C6 grader!

This result is particularly encouraging  considering the fact that many of them started off as C and D graders in the beginning of 2011.