Students' Corner

September 2012 (Birthday Lunch) / 2012년 9월 (생일파티)


Thank you Agnes, Sukie and Helena for your wonderful birthday lunch this afternoon.

I'm glad you like the little gift I have prepared for you too!

July 2012 - Aug 2012 (Jurong Shipyard Mechanical Engineering Fast Track Students!)


Thank you Wu, Azri, Sasi, Shaiful, Shah, Razali, Farrid, Azlie and (the missing Rasdi) for being such fantastic students and friends over the past 2 months.

May all of you achieve success in your current work and see you at the TOP!!!

June 2012 (Class Outing at Suntec City) / 2012년 6월 (Suntec City에서 야유회)


Mothers, their children and I having lunch together at Suntec City

Do their children resemble their mothers?

May 2012 (Housewarming Party at Mi Casa) & March 2012 (Gathering at Warren CC) / 2012년 5월 (Mi Casa에서 집들이) & 2012년 5월 (Warren CC에서 모임)


Thank you Sophia, Emma, So Hyun, Lilian and Jung Mi for the fun and enjoyable gathering we had at the Warren Country Club!

Congratulation to So Hyun for your new home at Mi Casa. Thanks everyone for preparing so much delectable food!


2012 College West Aspiring Electrical Engineers!!! / 2012 College West의 미래가 촉망되는 전기 기술자들!!!


Late night BBQ at Bukit Batok Adventure Camp with all the FUN-LOVING and "NOISY" folks of Electrical Engineering.

I'm glad to be invited to your party and it has been my great pleasure to play a small role in your educational journey. I wish you the very success.

2011 Post O Level Outings and "Makan" Session / 2011 O Level후의 야유회 그리고 “Makan"세션


We study Hard and WE PLAY HARD!!!!!

Unforgettable moments with all of you in 2011... Ritz Pizza after a long morning of BORING LECTURES, Udder Ice Cream late night, Chinese Crusine at East Coast, Dinner at Jcube.....


L-intel would like to thank Jaegal June for providing us with the translation in 2012.