Group Lessons / 그룹수업

L-intelligent Education provides group lessons to both adults and pupils from Primary 5 to Secondary 4. Currently, our group lessons are as follows:
L-intelligent 교육은 성인과 초등학교5학년부터 중학교4학년까지 그룹수업을 합니다. 현재, 그룹수업은 이렇게 진행됩니다. 

  • Lessons for Adults  Class/Fee Rules  클래스 / 수업료 규칙
  • LN1001 Conversational and Situational English (Basic Level)   Date/Time
                                 회화 영어 (기본단계)
  • LN1002 Conversational and Situational English (Pre-Intermediate Level)  Date/Time
    회화 영어 (준중급단계)
  • LN1003 Conversational and Situational English (Intermediate Level)  Date/Time
                                 회화 영어 (중급단계)
  • Lessons for Primary Level
  • LN2001 PSLE Science Theory  Date/Time
                                 PSLE 과학이론
  • Lessons for Secondary Level
  • LN3001 GCE O Level English Language (Comprehension / Summery / Situational Writing / Oral)  Date/Time
                                 GCE O Level 영어 (독해/요약/상황별 글쓰기/말하기)
  • LN3002 GCE O Level Pure Physics (Theory Paper 1 and 2)  Date/Time
                                 GCE O Level 순수물리학 (Paper 1과2의 이론)
  • LN3003 GCE O Level Pure Chemistry (Theory Paper 1 and 2)  Date/Time
                                 GCE O Level 순수화학 (Paper 1과 2의 이론)
  • LN3004 GCE O Level Science (Physics / Chemistry)  Date/Time
                                 GCE O Level 과학(물리/화학)


In an effort to ensure that our lessons are suitable for our potential students, a free interview session will be arranged between them and the teacher. In addition, the students get to attend the first lesson for free as a trial. For more information, please ask a question by using the Contact Us page.
수업이 학생과 잘 맞는지 확인하기 위해서, 선생님과 학생간의 무료 인터뷰 시간이 있습니다. 그리고, 학생은 첫 번째 수업을 무료로 체험해볼 수 있습니다. 더 많은 정보는, Contact Us 페이지에서 질문해 주시면 감사하겠습니다.

L-intel would like to thank Jaegal June for providing us with the translation in 2012.

Emma's picture

선생님은 재미있고, 열성적이며 포용력 있는 선생님이세요!

Lin! You are witty so I have never felt bored in your class.

Sharing special new was fun and helpful for learning how to express our daily situations and the test prepared based on the special news was easy to remember and the memory lasted long because it was meaningful to us.
You are a naturally passionate teacher and you really enjoy teaching and sharing.
The local and world news you commented during the lesson helped us easily adapt to Singaporean life and motivated us to have more interest in things happening in Singapore and around the world.
You are considerate to the students and patient enough to wait for our slow stammering English.
You asked us to think and answer the questions without giving direct answers so we could have time to think and recall.
You are friendly so we could comfortably ask a lot of questions and you always give sincere answers to the questions even though they were very trivial and silly.
You are open-minded so we could comfortably and honestly express our opinions.
You always paid attention to the students' needs and tried to improve teaching skills according to it.
Simply put it, you are a great teacher and I think I am happy to have an opportunity to learn from you for the past 1 year.
Thank you for your teaching!