Plant Roots

07 Dec 2012

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Kim Soo Ho
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Plant Roots

Hello Lin, I dont really know where to post this questions but I just decided to post it here. Hope it is alright.

1.Do plant roots breathe? I know mangrove roots take in air as well but do other roots do the same? My assessment book says: Air is needed by plant roots in soil for respiration. However, the next page says: Plant roots are unable to breathe. Which one is correct?

2. Just a question which I do not think is related to P6 sci but does does dreaming means that the person is sleeping heavier or lighter? 

Thank you very much.

Lin Guoyao
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Plant roots take in oxygen!

Hello! Glad to hear from you again in this enlivening discussion. Here goes

1) roots does take in oxygen from the soil to respite though roots doesn't take in CO2 as it doesn't photosynthesize. So it is important that in soil, there is some air gap for oxygen to be present and be absorbed by the roots. This absorption is negligible thus we often don't talk about it. We only assume that roots take in water and mineral salt only.

2) from my understanding, we dream all the time when asleep. If you remember you dreamt, means you had a light sleep. If you can't remember, we say you had a deep sleep that's why your conscious mind can't recognize the dream that is assumed to be produced by your subconscious mind.


I am The Lin.

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