About Lin / 선생

Linus Lin a.k.a. Lin Guoyao, has been in the private teaching arena since 2001. He started off his teaching career as a part time private tutor during his university school days. 
Linus로 알려진 Lin Guoyao 선생님께서는 2001년 대학시절부터 파트 타임 튜터로서 개인 수업을 시작하셨습니다. 

In 2004, Lin graduated with a bachelor degree of science from the National University of Singapore (NUS). His passion and enthusiasm in education has propelled and exposed him to a wide range of teaching environment as well as a diversity of people of all ages and all walks of life.
2004년, 그는 NUS(싱가폴 국립대학)에서 과학 학사학위를 마치고 졸업하셨습니다. 그의 교육에 대한 열정과 흥미는, 광범하고 다양한 교육환경에 노출되도록 도와줬고, 나이무관 없이 다양한 학생들을 만나게 해줬습니다.

Over the past 10 years, Lin has taught students between the age of 8 and 60 years old and of various nationalities such as Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Singaporean and Malaysian. He has taught students over a wide spectrum of capacity from the bottom 20% in Singapore to the highly gifted ones. He has taught students not only in terms of academic excellence (P5 to JC2 level) but also in terms of personal success in life. 
지난 10년 동안 Lin은 다양한 국적신분(한국, 중국, 인도네시아, 싱가포르, 말레이시아)을 소지하고 나이는 8세부터 60세까지 되는 학생들을 가르쳐왔습니다. 그는 싱가포르에서 하위 20%부터 영리한 학생들까지 학업적성향이 다양한 학생들을 가르쳐왔습니다. Lin은 학생들(초등학교 5학년 – JC 2학년)의 학문적 우수성 축면뿐만 아니라 개인적인 성공의 관점도 염두를 두고 가르치는 선생님입니다.

Currently, he specialises in helping students achieve their desired exam results for GCE O level English Language, Pure Physics and Pure Chemistry. 
현재 그는 학생들이 GCE O레벨 영어, 순수물리, 순수화학에서 학생들이 원하는 결과를 얻을 수 있도록 최선을 다합니다

He believes that in order for one to achieve academic excellence and success in life, one needs to possess 3 fundamental attributes.
그는 인생의 성공과 탁월함을 성취하기 위해서는 인간은 3가지 근본적인 자질이 필요하다고 생각합니다.

1) Good attitude and manners towards others. 
2) Strong
belief in one's capability.
Humbleness and willingness to acquire knowledge.

1)상대방을 대하는 올바른 자세와 태도
2)자기의 능력에 대한 강한 신념
3)겸손함과 지식을 습득하려는 의지

He also believes that every individual is unique and everyone has distinct appetite for success and possesses different speed of acquiring knowledge. 
또한, Linus는 모든 개인들은 고유한 존재이고, 그들만의 성공의 정의가 있고, 지식을 습득하는 속도 또한 개개인의 차이가 있다고 생각합니다

Nonetheless, he firmly believes that getting good results in life and in school is mainly a consequence of continuous hard work. While the willingness to work hard is the direct reflection of having a clear focus on making unceasing improvement, together with having good learning habits and displaying positive bahaviour.
그럼에도 불구하고, 그는 인생에서나 학교에서나 좋은 결과는 노력과 끈기의 결과라고 합니다. 노력하는 자세와 올바른 배움의 태도와 긍정적인 성향은 끊임없는 향상으로 반영이 될 거라고 합니다.

As such, he focuses on improvement first, follows by achievement. He focuses on learning habits and behaviour first, follows by academic success. 
이와 같이, 그는 성취 전에 먼저 개선에 초점을 맞추고, 또한 학업 성공을 위해 먼저 학습 습관과 행동에 초점을 맞춥니다.

As such, he urges all aspiring students to be mindful of this guiding principle and the flowers of academic success shall bloom when the time is right .
이와 같이, 그는 야심찬 학생들에게 이 원리를 중요시하라고 항상 염두 하십니다. 그러면 결국, 시간이 지나면 학업적성공의 꿈은 이루어 질것이라고 하십니다.

Feel free to ask Lin a question in the forum.
이 포럼에서 질문이 있으시면 언제든지 물어봐주세요.

For all who feel that Lin deserves a worthy testimony, feels free to leave a comment on this page. Your sincere comment is most sought after and immensely appreciated.
Linus대해 글을 남겨주세요. 당신의 진실글에 감사를 표합니다.

L-intel would like to thank Kim Sung Hyeon for providing us with the translation in 2010.
L-intel would like to thank Jaegal June for further translation in 2012.

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Great introduction about you!

Meaningful and inspiring too! =) 

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"Mr. Lin은 나의 힘들었던 중학교 생활을 지도해주신 분이시다. 현지 학교의 외국인 학생으로서 좋지 않았던 영어실력 때문에 자주 힘들었었다... ..."

Mr. Lin was my tutor, guiding me through the tough time of my secondary years. As an international student in a local school, I had often struggled in class because of my poor English proficiency. But he was very helpful in pointing out my problems in English and helped me improve at the best speed I can manage. In my experience, he was witty, caring and compassionate. He seriously concerns about his students. When I had any problems that are difficult to handle alone, I used to seek advice from him and he never failed to encourage me. To me, he wasn't just my tutor but also my mentor in my life. Also, I remember he was very punctual unlike other tutors I had before. Although he mainly teaches English, his interest and knowledge in other subjects helped me greatly too.

Lin Guoyao's picture

"너의 말들이 나를 선생님으로서 뿐만 아니라 인간으로서도 발전을 해야 한다고 생각하게 해주었다... ..."

Your words of encouragement have certainly inspired me to improve myself further not only as a teacher but also as a human being. I too is on an everlasting learning journey. 

It takes two willing hands of yours to toil and I am merely a facilitator in your quest for academic excellence.

It is your personal dedication and "never back down" attitude in the face of challenges that have earned you your dazzling 8 points for L1R5 and 6 points for L1R4.

In fact, I am proud to say that you are the first ever Korean student whom I have ever taught to have graduated from GCE O level last year and I am certainly proud of your academic achievement so far.

As you embark upon your new academic journey in the US, I wish you the very best in your future endeavour.  

I am The Lin.

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"Mr.Lin은 싱가포르에서 나의 중학교 생활에서의 최고의 선생님이다. 그는 내 영어를 중학교 1학년부터 지금, 중학교 3학년 까지 가르쳐 주시고 계신다. 그리고 그는 내 영어수준을 아주 많이 올려주었다... ..."

Mr Lin is the best tutor during my secondary school days in Singapore. He has been guiding me in my English language since sec 1 until now in sec  3, and his teaching really makes a lot of difference in my standard of English language. Because of him, I managed to pass my English and promote to sec 2 and 3 successfully. When i was in sec 1, before meeting Mr Lin, i was struggling in my English and I even received an F9, 36 marks, for my mid-year exam and it gave me a lot of stress. This is because if i were to fail in my English, i will be retained for another year. However, after i met him, my results improve and I managed to pass my overall English exam in sec 1.

He is a very helpful tutor as he helps me by pointing out my weaknesses and helps me improve on it. I don't usually recommend people to have tuition because i feel that tuition is not a really good learning method. However, Mr Lin's tuition lessons are different. He really knows how to make us understand and study by ourselves. He knows how to make the lesson lively and interesting. He knows how to encourage people. He also knows how to guide us.

He really knows how to make students enjoy studying. Unlike other tuition lessons, his lessons are not a waste of time. I'm living at the Eastern part of Singapore and it takes me 1 hour to reach his house to have a lesson. However, I don't mind because he is the only one who can really help me.

To end off, I think he is one of the greatest teacher in Singapore and he knows how to play his part as a teacher well.

Thank you Mr Lin!

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"선생님과 6개월을 지웠던 학생으로서, 모두에게 이것을 말할 수 있다. 그는 내가 만나본 가장 열성적인 선생님이다. 열성적일 뿐만 아니라 친근하고 참을성 있으며 교육에 있어서 계획적이시다... ..."

As Lin's student who have been living with him for about 6 months, I can tell anyone this- He is the most committed tutor I've ever met. Not only is he committed, but he is also very friendly, patient and strategic in his teaching. My 'O' level has ended and his guidance during the O levels had helped me finish my O levels successfully.

Even though i met him only one year ago, i feel like he taught me for more than 5 years which means that he was that caring about my school work and even my personal life. I admire his positivity and his optimistic attitude about studying and i can assure anyone that you won't regret having a teacher like him.

Furthermore, he can teach variety of subjects like English, Science and even Math and he helped me in almost all of my O level subjects ( even Humanities). So for many students who need help in any subjects can ask him for consultation and he is the kind of teacher who will really take his time to listen to your concerns about the study.

Lastly, what separates Lin from other normal tutors is his purpose of teaching. He once told me that he doesn't teach for money. And i realized he wasn't just saying it when i learned from him for one year. He is the teacher who teach students with passion and enthusiasm to help them in their studies.

I think i was really fortunate to have met him in my life and i hope he continue to help students in Singapore with his passion and enthusiasm.

Thank you Lin!!

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"Lin선생님은 중학교 4학년을 지도해주신 내 첫 번째 O Level 선생님이시다. 나는 싱가포르에 O level에 대한 아무런 정보 없이 중학교 3학년 마지막 학기에 왔다. 그래서 O level을 준비하기가 두려웠다. 하지만 그를 만난후 내 걱정은 사라졌다... ..."

Lin was my first o'level tutor who had been guiding me during secondary 4.

I went to Singapore to study with no ideas of o' level studies in the final term of secondary 3,

so i was scared and afraid of preparing o level exam. However, after i met him, my worries were gone!,

For the science, i misunderstood some sentences from the books because of language problem , he explained me each sentence easily and important parts from every chapter. After going through all chapters, we did questions and he taught me some skills for the practical exam  which was really helpful for my real practical exam!

 For the English, which was my main problem, he taught me oral, essay, and reading for twice a week. I've  improved a lot  and now i got self confidence for my English. i am satisfied with my results and thankful to Lin (: thank you teacher! 

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"Lin선생님은 아무나 그들의 첫 번째 수업도 편안하게 만들어주는 친근한 선생님이다. 수업할 때 선생님은 항상 우리에게 한 주간 특별한 일이 있었냐고 물어보신다. 그것은 나를 되돌아보게 만들어준다... ..."

Teacher Lin is so friendly that he can make anyone feel comfortable to study with him at his/her first lesson. In class, he always ask us how our week was whether anything special happens or not. That helps me to reflect.

Also, he loves to share interesting news with us every beginning of the lesson. He not only teaches English but also pure sciences and for I who was his English student, ask him for help for science during exam period. When our English exam is over and only left with imminent science papers, he switches the lesson to a temporary science class so that we can ask whatever questions we have on sciences.

He is just a great teacher, and I have never seen any teacher as helpful as him! Thank you, Teacher Lin! :D